Downpipe Cleaning

Don’t be let down by your downpipes!

Gutter Clean Extreme offers professional downpipe cleaning. Even when property owners do clear their gutters regularly, they often forget to clean out their downpipes. Like gutters, downpipes need to be regularly cleaned and flushed in order to prevent blockages and thereby preserve the longevity of your guttering.

Blocked downpipes can cause more damage than you think.

The functioning of your downpipes is essential for the overall efficacy of your building’s guttering. When you get your gutters cleaned, it is highly recommended that you also invest in professional downpipe cleaning. Downpipes that are not regularly subjected to professional cleaning are far more prone to rust and corrosion. This will eventually lead to holes forming in your downpipes – a costly problem that incurs additional damage to your property.

Professional downpipe cleaning will prevent many potential forms of damage to your property.

When downpipes are not regularly cleaned by a professional team such as Gutter Clean Extreme then you run a much greater risk of seeing various forms of damage and deterioration on your property. This potential damage includes:

Ineffective drainage system
Overflow that results in water damage
Internal roof damage
Roof leaks during heavy rains
Damaged foundations from water overflow

Professional equipment means improved results for your guttering system

Entrusting the cleaning of your downpipes to anyone except a professional is a recipe for disaster. Not only are there valid safety concerns, but this often results in extensive damage that is costly to repair or replace. At Gutter Clean Extreme we have all the professional equipment and expertise required to tackle all downpipe cleaning with ease.

Please note that for your convenience, regular maintenance schedules can be arranged for all commercial clients.